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Jefferson Center for the Arts (JCA)

JCA is Mount Shasta's premier arts education venue incorporating the natural beauty of the area for the purpose of improving social, economic and cultural assets.
The JCA is a regional hub for Live Music, Theatre and Visual Arts for local residents and tourists alike.
The gardens of the JCA are growing to host a permaculture learning center, arts playground and local nature trail.
Jefferson Center for the Arts is Mt Shasta's own community arts and culture center.

Fri, Feb 147 - 9:30 PMPhoebe Hunt
Award-winning fiddler and vocalist Phoebe Hunt mixes Appalachian-style fiddle with Texas twang, Indian ragas & gypsy jazz. Rare solo performance!Phoebe Hunt
Sun, Feb 162 - 4 PM“Songetry” songwriting workshop with Joe Craven
This fun and engaging workshop will give you tools to be the songwriter you always wanted to be. Ages teen & adult. “Songetry” connects something most of us have already done (writing a poem) to something different (writing a song). Poems can tell a story in an accessible form of metered rhythm. EVERYONE has the ability to write such stories and that is the grist for the mill of songwriting. Leave with a song... Your 1st or 50th! Buy a ticket for the workshop online and you’ll be able to add 2 tickets for the price of 1 for the evening concert!“Songetry” songwriting workshop with Joe Craven
Sun, Feb 166 - 9 PMHattie and Joe Craven
This father & daughter duo has performed together all over the world to standing ovations. With crazy instruments and a great musical prowess.Hattie and Joe Craven
Fri, Feb 217 - 9:30 PMLorin Sklamberg (Klezmatics) with Sasha Lurje and Craig Judelman
Klezmatics’ lead singer and accordianist Lorin Sklamberg brings an unforgettable night of Yiddish music with Latvian singer Sasha Lurje and violinist Craig Judelman.Lorin Sklamberg (Klezmatics) with Sasha Lurje and Craig Judelman
Sun, Feb 237 - 10 PMThe Special Consensus
2019 Grammy Award Nominee The Special Consensus promises a fun-filled evening of exceptional bluegrass music. Bring the family! The Special Consensus has been thrilling their bluegrass loving audiences for decades.The Special Consensus
Sat, Apr 42 - 3:15 PMPatrick Galvin plays Bach (family matinee)
Violinist Patrick Galvin plays Bach. Family matinee.Patrick Galvin plays Bach (family matinee)
Sat, Apr 47 - 9 PMPatrick Galvin plays Bach (evening show)
Violinist Patrick Galvin plays Bach. Evening show.Patrick Galvin plays Bach (evening show)

Get Involved!

The only way to be successful in our community is to have YOU involved in the process. We’re here to support community!
We have opened the JCA Educational Center in October of 2019 and are actively raising money to build out the space to include a state of the art sound and lighting system, thrust stage, backstage area and costume shop.
We have been granted the use of a pristine concert grand piano… the only one of its kind in the area!
SO, we need to get the theatre built so we can hear its glory!

Our structural vision is clear and now we need the community to decorate that vision with its own unique dreams and ideas.
Please share yours!
We look forward to hearing from you.

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We're so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to provide this most amazing community in Mount Shasta with a venue to celebrate the Arts!!!

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