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Kevin Patrick Radley

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Kevin Patrick Radley
Kevin Patrick Radley
Friday, May 1, 2020
8 - 10 PM
KPR is a singer songwriter from the San Francisco Bay. Radley draws his musical influences from the American musical landscape of blues, country, soul and the occasional country holler. His songs explore the time honored themes of love, loss and redemption, with touch of social commentary.
Kevin Patrick Radley plays a number of instruments including guitar, harp and an occasional “unruly” cigar box guitar. Radley’s songs explore a variety of time honored themes of love, loss and redemption; all performed in the spirit of the juke joint jam. He has played at number of venues throughout northern California including * For Folk's Sake Music Festival in Vallejo, CA * The Lost Church, SF Bay Area Blues Festival in 2015 * Down Home Music in El Cerrito, CA * Armondo’s in Martinez CA * Silos’s in Napa Ca * Pops Cultural Center in Dunsmuir, CA as well as the 12 Bar Club in London, England. On his first CD, Kevin Patrick Radley includes a variety of musical guests. He is currently working on his second CD “City/Country” which is to be released in Spring 2020.

“If it ain’t a damn it ain’t worth a holler”.
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