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Bobbo Byrnes & Kevin Patrick Radley

music performance
Bobbo Byrnes & Kevin Patrick Radley
Bobbo Byrnes & Kevin Patrick Radley
MOVED to Watson’s Vets Club
Friday, April 15, 2022
7 PM
LOCATION: Watson’s Vets Club, 406 N Mt Shasta Blvd, Mt Shasta
Bobbo Byrnes & Kevin Patrick Radley - Americana Masters
Bobbo Byrnes

Bobbo Byrnes Bobbo Byrnes is a storytelling singer/songwriter, a throwback to a bygone era of mix tapes and AM Gold. Bobbo read too much Kerouac as a youth and though he no longer hitchhikes he is still a vagabond at heart seeking to continue on his path - singing and strumming, learning and sharing stories, and connecting with people.

“Bobbo Byrnes is one of the hardest working musicians in the Americana community today.” ~LA Music Critic

“It only takes a cursory listen to Bobbo Byrnes to recognize the fact that an important and essential new artist has indeed arrived.” ~Goldmine Magazine

“Whether the wider world recognizes it or not, he ought to be considered an essential Americana master.” ~The Daily Ripple

Kevin Patrick Radley

Kevin Patrick Radley Kevin Patrick Radley is a singer songwriter from Vallejo, CA. He draws his musical influences from the American musical landscape of blues, country, soul and the occasional country holler. His songs explore time honored themes of love, loss and redemption and performed in the spirit of the juke joint jam. He has played at number of venues throughout Northern California including; The Brick & Mortar & Bazaar Café, The Lost Church, San Francisco Bay Area Blues Festival , Down Home Music in El Cerrito, CA. Armondo’s , Martinez CA. Napa Porch Fest. & Silos’ in Napa Ca, Pops Cultural Center in Dunsmuir, CA. and the 12 Bar Club in London, England.
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Click to view YouTube video
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